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Associate Professor of Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies/Media, Social Practice and Design Employed at The University of Iowa

Jeffery Byrd

Links where you can learn more about Jeff Byrd


Jeffery Byrd Website

Our Art Criticism

The Rope Series

Smoke and Mirrors

Rachel Rosenthal (his mentor)

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A Docudrama about Shelby Lee Adams– The True Meaning of Pictures

Shelby Lee Adams’ blog

Interview with Adams


Reviews for The True Meaning of Pictures


Film Freak Central

Questions to consider: What is the role of an artist in the lives of people who become subjects in the work?

Is the work of Adams ethical? Are his subjects aware of the ways in which people judge them based on  photographs. Why had Adams chosen to continue to photograph in Appalachia? Do his photographs help to change the lives of the people on whom his work is focused. When is this kind of work art and when is it exploitation? What should our relationship as artists be with others who we represent or speak for and is it ok to speak for people who are different from you because of wealth, status, class, gender or race? Is it ok for artist to exploit others for art’s sake?




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Recipe Art

In this coming week I have asked you to read a section of Mira Schor’s new book A Decade of Negative Thinking.Schor is a painter, a well known writer, and a key figure in the feminist circles of the art world. In this decade she talks about how we are continually building on the history of ideas and digging up old tropes from the buried landscape of the past. She writes about working as a juror for multiple shows and witnessing the current cultural zeitgeist as a series of recycled cliches that appear over and over. I chose this essay in particular because I am hopeful that it will help to contextualize the experience of making art and the ways in which what you hear, see, experience, and read seep into your studio practice.

Self portrait by Mira Schor

Information to supplement Mira Schor’s text

Interview with Mira Schor on Recipe Art

Lawrence Weiner images

Corinne Borgnet

Carl Pope

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Class Blog

Here is a link to our class blog


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According to one art critic in the LA Times maps act as both a discrete object and an indicator of position. Artists have used maps to locate intersections and the overlapping of various phenomena in the world. The map can explore concepts that are metaphysical or concrete; it offers us a way to share our ideas with others.  Below are links to various artists, collectives, and blogs dedicated to the art and act of mapping.

Who Invented the Avant Garde, ver. 3 by Ward Shelley

Dennis Wood, “P L E A S U R E IN
T H E I D E A / T H E A T L A S AS


Though they reverse their terms, cartographers insist upon an equally vacuous
and stultifying image of man. In the puritanical world where pleasure needs a
mask, the map walks boldly uncovered: there is nothing of pleasure in maps.
Maps, we are told, are tools (image of smithy bent over anvil), made, not because
anyone particularly wants maps as maps, but because map buyers have
information needs that maps allow them to meet. People who ‘wax enthusiastic’
over maps are suspect, and usually turn out to be writers and poets (images of
long-haired romantics lost in reverie)

Links to images and artists who have used mapping

Jeff Woodbury

Tamara Kostianovsky

Lordy Rodriguez

Joyce Kozoloff

Kathy Prendergast

Gabriel Orozoco

Meridith McNeal

Isao Hasimoto

Jenny Beorkrem and Ork Posters

Dennis Wood

Sol LeWitt

Matthew Cusick

Ward Shelley


Radical Cartography

Raw’n Wild’s Map Photostream on Flickr

The Map Room

Creative Mapping Blog

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Intermedia Workshop Fall 2011-Introduction

Hello Wonderful Students Enrolled in Intermedia Workshop for Fall 2011,

I just wanted to introduce myself. I am originally from North Carolina (the Eastern Coastal Plain), I have lived in Iowa since 1998 and taught at The University of Iowa since 1999. My work as a researcher and creative scholar has always been focused on women’s issues, community, art, and people who are incarcerated. I have a BFA in Painting and Drawing from East Carolina University. I also have an MFA and a Ph.D. from Florida State University. Teaching has always been an important part of my life. I have taught in a variety of settings including art centers, a community college, prisons and jails, youth centers, public schools, museums, and universities. I love teaching because it is never boring and it is filled with opportunities to learn new things about the world, others, and myself.

American alternative/single creator comics and graphic novels have been at the heart of my creative scholarship for the past few years. My graphic scholarship has been published by the Jane Addams Hull House Museum (, the Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education, and the International Journal of Comic Art. My current projects include a graphic novel about the Detroit Race Riots of 1943, a mini comic about police brutality, and a graphic scholarly article about the race riots of 1898 in North Carolina.

My traditional scholarship has been focused on women in prison. I have worked with incarcerated women since 1994. The prisons in which I have worked include the Monroe County Jail in Key West, Florida, Jefferson Correctional Institution in Florida, Taycheedah Correctional Institution in Wisconsin, Deerlodge Correctional Institution in Montana, the State Training School in Eldora, Iowa, the Iowa Juvenile Home in Toledo, Iowa, the Iowa Correctional Institution for Women in Mitchellville, Iowa and HMP Holloway in London, England. I have visited and toured numerous other correctional institutions in the US. In 2010 I enrolled in the Inside-Out Prison Education Program through Temple University ( This experience helped me to develop a course for the UI GWSS department to bring Women’s Studies Practicum students to ICIW to participate in a think tank with women who were incarcerated ( This year we will be responsible for a number of classes about identity, wellness and relationships.

My appointment at the university as an Associate Professor is split between the School of Art and Art History and the Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies Department. I teach courses in both places but my office is located on the 4th floor of the Jefferson Building. I am married with two children, and I have a number of pets including an 18-year old terrier mutt named Winstead and a green cheeked conure named Frankie. My hobbies include playing Irish fiddle tunes badly, reading, drawing, gardening, cooking vegetarian food, volunteering for RVAP, and running my vermicomposting business into the ground (

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