Recipe Art

30 Aug

In this coming week I have asked you to read a section of Mira Schor’s new book A Decade of Negative Thinking.Schor is a painter, a well known writer, and a key figure in the feminist circles of the art world. In this decade she talks about how we are continually building on the history of ideas and digging up old tropes from the buried landscape of the past. She writes about working as a juror for multiple shows and witnessing the current cultural zeitgeist as a series of recycled cliches that appear over and over. I chose this essay in particular because I am hopeful that it will help to contextualize the experience of making art and the ways in which what you hear, see, experience, and read seep into your studio practice.

Self portrait by Mira Schor

Information to supplement Mira Schor’s text

Interview with Mira Schor on Recipe Art

Lawrence Weiner images

Corinne Borgnet

Carl Pope

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One response to “Recipe Art

  1. Josh Eklow

    September 1, 2011 at 6:58 pm

    The recipe for SpaceCamp is pretty simple:

    Combine equal parts patience, spontaneity, optimism, desire to explore, hoarding-like tendencies, Final Cut Pro, and the internet. Chill until hard.


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